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The First Anon Big Brother Game was hosted by Pegasus  on 6/29/2014 with 10 contestants! Jean Jordan was crowned the winned against Curtis Kin by a vote of 3-2.

The Cast

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The Game

Big Brother US 1 Intro
Big Brother US 1 Intro

All 10 houseguestts entered the game in week 1! The houseguests began their first immunity comp right away and William was the winner! At nominations, Eddie, Jamie, and Jordan were nominated but due to George being inactive and the original Karen quitting! Karen and George were put on the block and George was evicted by a 7-1 vote!

By week 2 an all girl alliance was blooming since girls had the majority with the new Karen and no George. Once Eddie won the immunity comp the girls voted William for being good at comps and Curtis as a pawn since he did not do much. The vote was 5-5-4-4 with girls controlling the vote! In the POV, Brittany won and took neither nominees off the block. William was evicted by a vote of 6-1.

During week 3 the all girl alliance seemed unstoppable when Jordan won immunity. They once again controlled nominations and nominated Eddie for being good at comps and Curtis once again as a pawn. Karen won the POV and kept the nominations the same. Eddie was evicted by a 5-1 vote.

During Week 4 the all girl alliance started to crumble when Jordan believed that Jaime was coming after her, but Jordan won the immunity comp and was safe. The nominees were Josh and Curtis the last 2 boys in the game but Jordan had other plans to backdoor Jaime. When Jordan won the POV, she took Josh off the block and since Jaime had the third most nomination votes; she was nominated! Jordan got Josh and Cassandra to vote with her to evict Jaime in a 3-2 vote.

At the beginning of week 5, Eddie returned to the house in a twist! When Eddie returned, Josh flipped to the girls and that left Curtis, Eddie, and Brittany, Jaime's closest ally, on the outs. When Karen won the immunity comp the girls and Josh decided to target Eddie and put up Curtis as a pawn. When Curtis and Eddie were nommed, Eddie lost the POV in the final round against Karen who took neither nominees off the block. Then Eddie was unanimously evicted by a 5-0 vote.

At Week 7, Brittany and Curtis were clearly on the outs. Karen won the immuntiy comp. At nominations, Karen swithced her vote to Jordan realizing she was the biggest threat in the game other than herself. Which meant the two outsiders Brittany and Curtis were nommed with Jordan. When Brittany won the POV, it gave hope to Curtis and herself. Josh was the renominee with the 4th highest nomination votes. At the eviction, it was a tie 1-1-1,in revote Brittany switched her vote from Jordan to Josh,which Karen did too vote Josh. Brittany did this to protect Curtis from Cassandra who was targeting him. Josh was evicted by a 2-1-0 vote.

In week 8 there was no more immunity and the nominees were Cassandra and Jordan when Karen flipped to Brittany and Curtis. At the POV, Curtis won his first comp and decided to not use the POV. Cassandra was evicted by a 3-0 vote.

In Week 9, Karen flipped back to Jordan with Cassandra gone she knew that she was Jordan's closest ally which is was what she wanted. The nomination vote was 2-2-2-2 so all 4 were nominated. Whoever won the POV had the ability to cast the sole vote to evict. When Jordan won POV, she took out the bigger threat out of the original outsiders, Brittany.

In the final week, Curtis was on the outs while the other 2 seemed to be tight. Jordan won the first part of the POV comp and Karen won the secod part. In the last comp of the season Jordan won it all and had a tough decision to make. She didn't know whether to take her loyal ally who might beat her or her somewhat rival who was nominated almost every round and really didn't do anything that she knew she could beat. Jordan chose to evict Karen and took Curtis to the finals.

In the finals, Jordan won the game by a 3-2 vote against Curtis since most of the jury saw him as a floater.

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